Experience in farm of the cheese

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Rent your holiday apartment in Casa Pallino and discovery the experience to live in an real, small farm in Tuscany. The Tuscany inside the fantastic National Forest Park of Casentino. Studio Immobiliare Tuscan Pleasure is pleased to offer this vacation rentas for you. For more details please visit the property (V. 14.02) and/or contact us..

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The Normale, University of Pisa

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The Scuola Normale di Pisa is one excellence in the world. The historic site is located in Piazza dei Cavalieri a short distance from Piazza dei Miracoli. An excellent student and thinkers who was born in Poppi in 1702 Tommaso Crudeli he frequented the University of Pisa and law studies. After completing his studies Crueli lived..

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Special Offer for Christmas week

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 Rent the Fattoria for you Christmas week (24 December 2012-1 January 2013). Spend your Christmas holidays in Fattoria di Poppi; flavors to relax … Comfortable apartment for 4 + 2 persons from € 780/per week or book the entire Fattoria to spend a week in great time with friends and family in Tuscany with many things to discover! Fattoria Standard capacity:..

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Casentino: Photo Competition 2012

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Casentino: Photo Competition 2012. The participation in the competition is free and is open to all photographers, experts and / or amateur, whatever their nationality. In order to participate must be filled the format downloaded in www.casentinopiu.it The photos must have as theme the Casentino: The landscape, the characters, the jobs, customs and traditions. Work Deadline: 30 September..

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The Hidden Casentino

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With the passion and energy typical of young people the project One Hundred Itineraries Plus One, promoted by the Ente Cassa di Risparmio of Florence in collaboration with the schools, local authorities and the Regione Toscana, reaches out to those who care about their territory and are willing to learn about new ones. Aimed at..

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Toscane Photographies di O. Meriel

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Questa mostra personale raccoglie scatti stupefacenti realizzati in Toscana e richiamano sensazioni uniche. La fotografia di Olivier Mériel come il risultato della ricerca dell’attimo perfetto, dove la luce sugella il perfetto connubio tra il bianco e il nero nell’equilibrio della terra. Il suo sguardo paziente e tenace, sempre pronto a spiare le variazioni atmosferiche della luce, tenta di..

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A Mid-Spring Sunday’s Dream

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Your vacation in Tuscany told in a snapshot! Send us your favorite photo by e-mail, the photo that better tells the tale of the period spent in our land. Add your comments, memories, funny anecdotes, romantic and lighthearted notes… We shall publish your photos and accompanying frame of words in this section.

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