Legal Notes

Legal Notes

General Privacy Statement


for the Users of the Website, the official site of the Real Estate Agency:

Tuscan Pleasure Studio Immobiliare
owned by Ms. Nicoletta Nastagi
registered office in via Cesare Battisti 4
52014 Poppi (AR)
VAT No. 02109740510
Tax ID. NST NLT 74C 67D 612F

We will summarize hereinafter some of the key aspects regarding the processing of users' personal data, in compliance with the Italian regulations on personal data processing (Legislative Decree 196/2003).

Data Controller and Data Processor:

The Data Controller is Ms. Nicoletta Nastagi

Information on security conditions

Ms. Nastagi is the Data Controller in relation to data collected via the Website
All Users' data is processed in a strictly confidential manner and is designed mainly to satisfy requests for information, availability or to make a reservation and/or appointment to visit real estate.
It is not and will not be disclosed to third parties.
The user is responsible for the accuracy of his data published on the Tuscanpleasure website or as a result of contacts therewith via the website.

Verification of personal data – Data change and cancellation –

Users may ask Ms. Nastagi at any time to check the accuracy of their data and/or to Change or Cancel it by sending an email to, specifying in the subject: "Personal Data Change and/or Cancellation"

Data supplied by Users for the Newsletter

By subscribing to Tuscan Pleasure's Newsletter, your address is recorded and will be used only and exclusively to send commercial offers. Newsletter subscription amounts to the User's acceptance of these communications.
Newsletter cancellation may be requested at any time by sending an email to, specifying in the subject: "Newsletter cancellation request"

Professional liability insurance

Ms. Nicoletta Nastagi has a professional liability – Real Estate Agents – insurance contract with:
-Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. policy number 321516086
-Assicurazioni Allianz S.p.A. policy number 44331710


General Terms and Conditions for Properties

Vacation Rentals section


Tuscan Pleasure Real Estate Agency (hereinafter Agency) is a real estate agency that acts as an intermediary between the owners of properties listed on its Website, "Vacation Rentals" section, and anyone interested in renting these properties exclusively for vacation purposes (hereinafter Customer). The properties are managed directly by their Owners and/or anyone else appointed thereby.

The data that customers are required by the Agency to supply will be processed in accordance with the privacy regulations in force in Italy. These regulations are referred to in the Website: General Privacy Statement (link).

This data is used by the Agency to act as a lease intermediary and will be supplied solely to the parties concerned (Owners-Tenants) to offer and enter into vacation rentals. Such data is not and will not be disclosed to third parties though may be communicated to our Web Agency consultants (Korsero S.r.l. web Agency Via Volta 6, Subbiano, Arezzo) who provide the Agency's on-line computer service.


Steps of the vacation property booking/rental:

Any Customer interested in receiving information on the rental of a property published in the Website's "Vacation Rentals" section (*), can use the information request form. This form generates an email: "Request for information and availability", with all data entered by the Customer. This data is not required, though it is essential for the rental. The Customer is accountable for the truthfulness of such data. The Customer's email will be automatically sent to the Agency, which will answer the Customer's request for further information and/or for availability of the property chosen in the period required;

  • After obtaining confirmation of the Owner's intention to rent his/her property, the Agency will send an email to the Customer, called "Final offer for rental" including all the information required, the rent, the method of payment and the general terms and conditions of vacation rentals. The Customer is free to accept or turn down such final offer for rent. Acceptance thereof is required within 3 days of receipt, by paying the Deposit requested and by providing all the Customer's data required to allow the Owner to fulfil all legal obligations. Non-payment within the said term makes the offer void, with the Owner no longer being bound thereby;

  • If the property is not available, the Customer will be sent an email with the message "Property not available";

  • The Deposit may be paid by credit card or bank transfer to the Agency, which will collect it on behalf of the Owner. Only the Customer's payment of the Deposit and his/her supply of the required data, allows for the rental to be executed;

  • Upon receipt of the Deposit, the Agency will send a fax or email to the Owner and the Customer (hereinafter Tenant), requiring acknowledgement of receipt and attaching two vouchers: "Rental confirmation voucher" containing both parties' data and addresses, the exact address of the rented property, the Tenant's estimated time of arrival as well as instructions for delivery of the keys to the property. The Vouchers must be kept by the parties and produced on paper upon delivery of the keys;

  • The balance of the rent, net of the full amount of the Deposit paid to the Agency, may be paid directly to the Owner at the time of delivery of the keys, or may be requested by the Owner to the Tenant not before 30 days of the Tenant's arrival, by bank transfer. The Owner's bank details will be included in the "Rental confirmation voucher";

  • The Owner may ask the Tenant, upon the latter's arrival, to pay a Security deposit, which will be refunded in full as long as the property, its furniture and accessories are not damaged upon return of the keys to the Owner;

  • The Agency is not accountable for the truthfulness of the representations made by the Owner and by the Tenant when entering into the lease;

  • After payment of the Deposit, concurrently with receipt of the Voucher, the Tenant and the Landlord (Owner) are bound by the vacation rental, exempting the Agency from any liability. The parties will be exclusively liable for signature of the lease and for fulfilment of all obligations required by Italian law on vacation rentals;

  • In the event of the Customer's cancellation of the rental, the Deposit will not be refunded.


(*) The properties are univocally identified by codes. Most of the buildings have fancy names to ensure the Owner's anonymity and privacy.